General Policies


Haute Vault is a luxury lifestyle brand that prides itself on quality, value and integrity. We stride to ensure a continuously fulfilling and user-friendly interactive experience, of course, always in white glove fashion.

Let us answer your questions and alleviate any concerns. Please read Haute Vault’s General Policies mentioned below. For any further questions or personal service please contact us at or call us at 305-935-5528.

1.  Are all of the Jewelry and Watches authentic?

  • All of the jewelry available through Haute Vault is 100% authentic, genuine articles using the finest stones and materials. All precious stones comply with the Kimberley Process and are free from conflict.   All watches are 100% authentic, genuine articles with all the manufacture’s original movements and parts. 

2.  Are the Jewelry and Watches Clean and Pristine? 

  • Each item is thoroughly inspected upon its return to Haute Vault. All diamonds and precious stones are replaced if missing or chipped, all prongs checked for their security and all earring backs and safety clasps are inspected. Only then is each piece of jewelry/watch polished, solution and steam cleaned by our master jewelers and watchmaker to be made as new again. 

3.  How long may a member rent an item?

  • All items are rented by the week or the month, with members receiving discounted pricing for the monthly rental election. No item may be rented for more than a total of one month without being returned to Haute Vault. 

4.   Must you be a member to rent Haute Vault’s Jewelry and Watches?

  • You must be a member of Haute Vault to use its jewelry and watch rental services.

5.  What if I would like to purchase the item I have rented?

  • If a member decides she/he is unable to part with their rented item(s) we will apply 100% of the “rental equity” to that purchase at the fair market value of said item(s).

6.  What is “Rental Equity” and how much is applied?

  • If an item you are renting is available for purchase, and most items are, members are able to apply the money they have already spent in rental fees towards the purchase of that item. 

7.  Can I Buy instead of Rent?

  • Yes.  Most items featured on Haute Vault are for sale at a fair market value.

8.  Do I have to become a Haute Vault member to purchase an item?

  • Yes. Only members have access to Haute Vault's products and services. Members may purchase items available by clicking on the add to cart button next to “Purchase Now”. Remember, Haute Vault members receive the benefit of the “fair market value” for items they wish to purchase and may apply their “rental equity” when applicable.

9.  How am I able to pay for my membership fees, rentals and/or purchases?

  • Haute Vault only accepts credit card payments done through a secured transaction process

10.  When will my membership fee begin?

  • Your membership will commence at the time of sign up. Haute Vault will charge your credit card the applicable membership fee once you have confirmed the details of your account.

11.  When will my credit card be charged for the rental fee(s) and shipping

  • Members will be charged the total amount for the rental fee and shipping when the order is placed, including future rentals in which a member has guaranteed an item(s) by reserving them in advance.

12.  When will the Insurance Required Security Hold be placed on my card(s) and when is it removed?  

  • The security deposit will not be held until the day prior to the merchandise shipping out to you. Example, if your merchandise is scheduled to ship out on Wednesday, your security deposit will be withdrawn on Tuesday. The funds from the security deposit will be returned to you when we receive and inspect the items and deem them in the appropriate condition as per your membership agreement. The security deposit amount will reflect in the details of your order. We realize not all members have the credit available on one card to do so, therefore you may provide us with an alternative card (second credit card) for this if you wish. In order to do so, please contact us at 305-935-5528.

13.  Why are members required to place a Security Deposit?

  • All of our jewelry and watch items are of significant value. In order for us to operate our business with such high value and quality products, our insurance policy states we must hold an amount of 30% of the retail value of each item during the rental period. We realize not all members have the credit available on one card to do so, therefore you may provide us with an alternative card (second credit card) for this if you wish. In order to do so, please contact us at 305-935-5528. We cannot dispatch your order to you until we have the full security deposit held otherwise our insurance policy is considered null and void. We hope you understand this and recognize the true value and the sensitive nature of our services.

14.  How do I extend my Rental Period?

  • Haute Vault members are welcome to extend their rentals if the item(s) are not previously reserved by another member. To extend your rental, simply log into “Your Vault” and select the desired extended rental dates and length, by one week incraments and not to exceed one month. Your credit card will automatically be charged the additional rental fee.  Remember, no item may be out of Haute Vault’s collection for more than 1 month at a time. As a courtesy to our other members and in the interest of fulfilling their desires we will notify you if the item you would like to extend the rental term on is available to do so.  

15.  Who pays for the shipping and handling?

  • Members are required to pay the shipping and handling charges for the item(s) they have rented. All packages are shipped overnight on Wednesday to be received by our members on Thursday. Shipping fees are based on the method of shipping, either Priority Overnight (morning delivery) or Standard Overnight (afternoon delivery). The shipping fee is stated upon checkout and listed in “Your Vault” with the details of your order via our FedEx tracking system. In addition, members may arrange for a FedEx pickup at their home or business for an additional $20.00 at the time of checkout or by notifying us  anytime before 10am the morning of your scheduled return shipping date. 

16.  What if a member requires their jewelry or watch before the usual Thursday delivery? 

  • Haute Vault recognizes that items may be needed for occasions on Monday through Wednesday. If you need an item received before Thursday please contact our for arrangements.  We will provide a prorated fee for the additional days required.

17.  How do you cancel your Haute Vault membership?

18.  What, if any, taxes apply to my order?

  • Items rented or sold by Haute Vault to members in the state of Florida are subject to tax.  No sales tax is charged when purchasing a gift card; however, purchases paid for with gift cards may be subject to tax.  

19.  What is the return policy on items purchased?

  • Due to the nature of the business Haute Vault is engaged in we can only allow a 24 hour inspection period/return policy on items purchased. All sales are final with the exception of a manufactures' defect.  All returns must be received by Haute Vault within 24 hours of the date received by the purchaser and in the same condition as when they were sent out. 

20.  How do I return a purchased item?

  • Repackage your purchased item to include all original packaging materials (boxes, paper work, warranties, tissue paper) and a copy of your receipt. Contact Haute Vault and we will arrange for a return shipping label to us.

21.  What if the item(s) I am renting become damaged or breaks?

  • We expect our members to treat the merchandise they have rented with the utmost care and responsibility, as if it were their own (or better). We do understand that there will be everyday wear and tear and there is no additional fee assessed for this. If an item is damaged or breaks you MUST notify us as soon as possible. If the item(s) is neglected or abused beyond the normal wear and tear or lost, your account will be charged the reasonable cost of the repair or the replacement fee. The replacement fee will be the full retail price of that item at said time.

22.  How do I make sure I receive the correct size bracelet, watch bracelet or band?

  • Haute Vault has a wrist-sizing chart available to print out. Simply print out the wrist-sizer (100% on your computer) and wrap it around your wrist. This will show you the size of your wrist in inches, adjust accordingly for comfort (loose or tight fit). Each item will state the size wrist it is intended for, i.e. ladies cuff bracelet for small to medium wrists (5in -7in); watches on straps will state standard size (7.5in-8in) and bracelets will have links removed or added to fit your needs.  

23.  What if I need assistance with my watch - setting the time, date, etc.?

  • Please contact us at Haute Vault 305-935-5528 and we easily walk you through your set up. Note, all watches are preset with the correct date and time zone they are being sent to. If you require any further assistance our experts are here for you around the clock   

24.  What if the jewelry/watch return is late?

  • Please refer to Haute Vault’s Terms and Conditions for late fees and penalties. We operate our business based upon the reliance of prompt item returns that enable us to apply the necessary repair and cleaning to ensure the next member receives and enjoys their rentals on time and in excellent condition. Late returns may affect a member from receiving their desired rentals for a specific/monumental occasion. Therefore Haute Vault issues the following penalties: 
  • Merchandise received One (1) Day Late – 50% of the rental fee for the item will be added to the total fees
  • Two (2) to Seven (7) Days Late – 100% of the rental fee for that item will be added to the total fees
  • Eight (8) to Fourteen (14) Days Late – 200% of the rental fee for that item will be added to the total fees.
  • Any time beyond Fourteen (14) Days without express notification to Haute Vault will be presumed lost or stolen and the full security holding deposit will be charged as well as liquidated damages. 

25. What is the “Wish List” ?

  • Haute Vault has created a wish list for our members who would like to be notified when a desired item that is previously booked becomes available. Members will receive an email notification with all pertinent information related to the item(s) that have become available on their wish list.

26.  Are members allowed to share items with others?

  • No. Members are not able to share their rentals with anyone and must take every precaution to make the jewelry is in their possession or locked away safely when it is not. 

27.  Are memberships assignable?

  • No. Haute Vault has taken measurable steps to ensure our members are of good standing and sound credit. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details and penalties.


  •   You should keep the Merchandise in your possession and under your control at all times. Members are prohibited from letting anyone else use or wear it for any purpose.
  •   Members agree to never place your jewelry in a checked bag when traveling. Members covenant to wear the jewelry or keep it with you when you're enroute.
  •   Members shall never hide the jewelry in your hotel room or leave it unattended and unprotected. When you're not wearing your jewelry, members MUST place the items in the hotel Lobby safe. Members are prohibited from leaving the jewelry in the hotel room safe, and agree to keep the jewelry in the hotel lobby vault or on their person at all times.