Haute Vault has arranged for all jewelry and watches to be fully insured throughout the entire process. Therefore, all items will be insured during the shipment to and from our members, as well as while in our members' possession. While insurance provides peace of mind, all jewelry and watches must be handled with the utmost care and responsibility.

To ensure all items are handled appropriately and as a safeguard to the company, Haute Vault reserves the right to place a hold on our members’ credit card(s) up to 30% of the retail value for each item during the rental period. Upon return and approval of said items' condition, normal wear and tear accepted, the hold will be removed from our member’s credit card(s). 

Members are subject to a $1,000 deductable or the replacement value if an item is below the $1,000 retail cost. A Haute Vault conceirge can arrange for a personal jewelry insurance policy which will be prorated for the time the jewelry is in a members possesion. These fees are nominal and will remove the $1,000 liability. Please contact the concierge to assist you with this offer - or 305-935-5528.

Please note, the terms of insurance specify Jewelry Items may not be left unattended in a hotel room or vehicle. For those staying in a hotel, the jewelry items must be kept in the downstairs vault, not the in-room safe. If there is not a vault available, the jewelry items must stay in your possesion at all times. Incidences such as explained loss (ie my bracelet fell of while I was dancing and its gone) and theft ARE covered under our policy. All explained loss or theft MUST have a report associated with the loss and a police report for theft. 

For any questions regarding insurance please contact us. We will be happy to further explain the details of our policy and how it protects our members and Haute Vault. Thank you