Meet The Team

Haute Vault is the brainchild of husband and wife duo, Jonathan and Taylor King.


Jonathan King, a Graduate Gemologist with a specialty in luxury timepieces is a renowned aficionado in an elite circle comprised of the world’s most discerning watch and jewelry lovers and collectors. Jonathan's extensive product knowledge, industry know-how and reputation for premium customer service has allowed him to build a roster of clients that includes celebrities, athletes, Fortune 500 businessmen and the likes thereof. Jonathan brings to Haute Vault this knowledge and passion. With a strong finger on the pulse of the industry, he has the uncanny ability to procure the most sought after, limited edition and highly coveted timepieces Jonathan has traveled world-wide to discover and showcase new and upcoming amazing jewelry designers.  


Taylor King is known in South Florida as a trendsetter and arbiter of taste when it comes to watches and jewelry. In fact, she is often photographed for publications and conducts local news segments for the holiday gift guides, highlighting the latest looks and trends. With exquisite taste and admiration for style and fashion, Taylor has always kept abreast of the trends in apparel and accessories across the globe. Taylor has become an important figure in the business; as a jewelry buyer at shows around the world, discovering and setting the latest trends, sharpening her keen eye and knowledge with her mother and father-in-law along the way. Through firsthand experience, Taylor has come to understand the wants and needs of customers – even the wealthiest female clients have to choose one necklace over another. She understands the client’s demands and social obligations and helps them to reinvent their current jewels or update their looks.