Why rent?

Haute Vault is the intelligent approach to affordable, accessible luxury created in a direct response to the demand from the savvy and conscious consumer. How many times were you faced with the incredibly challenging decision of which item you liked best or having to settle on less expensive items you didn’t absolutely love because of budget constraints? Haute Vault is the solution!

Haute Vault is an entrée to an elite echelon of brands - for many customers it’s the beginning of a lifelong relationship as a brand evangelist. For others, it’s the fulfillment of a long-standing infatuation with a particular piece that borders on salacious desire. For the vast majority, it’s the perfect compliment to an ensemble – an evolving inventory of accessories to bolster one’s look, whether at a dinner, a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, charity event, upscale gala, business meeting, reunion, a trip to Las Vegas etc. etc. etc.

Haute Vault is the solution to “buyer’s remorse” affording our members the opportunity to “try before you buy”. Renting through Haute Vault is the answer to all your styling needs without the retail commitment, offering thousands of genuine pieces of fine jewelry and authentic luxury timepieces for less then 5% of the retail price. Renting jewelry and watches from Haute Vault allows our members to access a vast range of constantly updated collections of the most highly coveted and exclusive merchandise.

Our relationships and buying power allows our members the opportunity to be the first to wear the newest and hottest looks in couture fashion jewelry, the finest diamonds and gemstones and the greatest of haute horlogerie.