About Us

Haute Vault is the ultimate offering to a new wave of affordable, accessible opulence created for the savvy and conscious consumer who simply wants it all.

The owners of Haute Vault are the 5th generation of their 103 Year old family owned and operated luxury jewelry and watch retail salons. The entrepreneurial couple, along with their family of industry experts, recognized the growing demand for accessible luxury. For decades, the owners of Haute Vault constantly observed their clients thrilled with their purchases but often yearning for more. Their clients also expressed their wish to simply wear a magnificent piece or set of jewelry for a night without the full financial commitment. No matter the client’s status, there was always the ultimate decision of which piece(s) to choose.

They spoke and we listened! Haute Vault Was Born!!!

Haute Vault is a tiered level mebership and "occasion based user" service for fine jewelry and luxury timepiece rentals, with the option to purchase should a client so desire. Haute Vault offers our own private label bridal and couture creations as well as the most sought-after signature brands in the jewelry and watch industries. Who says you need a reason or special occasion to look your best or wear something you love? Haute Vault allows you to bring the red carpet to any occasion whether a Wedding, Business Meeting, Charity Event, Fashion Show or simply a Saturday night out on the town. Haute Vault provides access to an ever-evolving inventory. For many, Haute Vault is the solution to “buyer’s remorse” affording our members the opportunity to “try before you buy”. For others, Haute Vault allows you to constantly redefine your look without the retail commitment. No matter the reason, Haute Vault is the solution to all your styling needs!